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Monthly Recognition Award

Monthly Recognition Award

Caroline Business of the Month - November
Caroline Chamber of Commerce - Caroline
195 days ago

The Caroline Chamber Businesses of the Month for November have been awarded to:

-Life Force Chiropractic
-Neuromuscular & Body Alignment (Carilee Pearse)
-Heart & Sole Foot Care (Paige Clowes).
Here is a little about each great business:
The team at Life Force Chiropractic is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. We consider our practice members a part of our extended family and therefore you will be treated with the same love, respect, and honesty that we would give to them.
Dr. Aaron, or Dr. D, as many patients call him, grew up in Morinville, AB, a town approximately 20 minutes north of Edmonton. Dr. Aaron did his undergraduate education at the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences & Psychology. He completed his Doctor of Chiropractic at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Aaron is trained in various styles of chiropractic but focuses primarily with a more gentle technique suitable for everyone, from newborns to the elderly. When Dr. Aaron is not in the office, he is very active outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, quadding, boating, curling & spending time with his wife & dogs.
Megs, RMT, grew up in Spruce View, and now lives in the Caroline area. She joined our team in June 2018 upon her graduation with 2200 hours from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy. She currently specializes in therapeutic, relaxation, cupping, and Swedish massage. When she is not working, Megs enjoys spending time with her high school sweetheart, their 3 dogs & potbellied pig, Georgia.
Marissa is our friendly face that will greet you as you walk in the door. She was born and raised in Ponoka, Alberta and moved to Lethbridge, Alberta shortly after graduating. She joined our team in late 2017. In her spare time Marissa enjoys hiking in the mountains, camping, playing board games, spending time with her friends and family & her cat B and dog, Tulo.
Dr. Aaron is in Caroline Tuesdays 3pm – 7pm and Wednesdays 4pm – 7pm
Megs RMT is in Caroline Tuesday 8:45am – 7:45pm and Wednesday 4pm – 8:30pm
Carilee Pearse is a local gal raised in the area of her family and their homestead land. She has a strong connection to the area and is what she would call pleasantly "herd bound" to the area with her husband and extended family.
Carilee is a caring and determined advocate for your body to feel well so that you can 'Live Life to the Full'. She is certified in a type of Muscle Release and Body Alignment Therapy, Neuromuscular & Body Alignment Therapy, using a historical technique developed by an Australian Osteopath therapist named Tom Bowen, hence, Bowen Therapy.
It was developed to support the body in the working together of muscles, tendons, viscera and structure by stimulation of nerves and fascia to engage the Central, Peripheral, Autonomic Nervous System. More commonly known as the "Fight flight, or Rest Digest". This system is key for your body to be able to heal and feel well.
It consists of small precise movements over specific muscles and tendons throughout the body, primarily where nerve bundles are most accessible. It triggers the body to release and heal by going through the autonomic nervous system and putting the body into a relaxed / "sleepy feel" state - as her clients say.
This is a comfortable therapy, in that it is done with athletic or loose fitted maneuverable clothing, which allows the client to feel comfortable and relaxed while the therapist is at work.
As of May 2022, Carilee says she has been blessed to start up her practice in the Caroline community Hub.
If you are interested in the service Carilee offers, please find her business on Facebook, or contact the Hub for her contact info.
Paige Clowes is the face behind Heart & Sole Foot Care. She says that it has been such a joy to serve the community of Caroline. Paige grew up in rural Saskatchewan and really appreciates small towns and the community that comes with it. When she is not caring for your feet she enjoys snowmobiling in the mountains and spending time with family and friends. Paige would like to thank everyone for their support!
Rooster’s Building and Ag. Supplies - October
Caroline Chamber of Commerce - Caroline
221 days ago
Walter Tarnasky and Frank Pusztai purchased Harriman Lumber in 2018 and have made this business their own.  Now renamed Rooster’s Building and Agricultural Supplies, they have this wonderful opportunity to operate in the beautiful Caroline area and both have a long history in the Caroline and Rocky Mountain House area.  Both men started in Rocky,  building homes, schools and commercial buildings, then expanded into oil and gas projects and municipal installations. 

Walter and wife, Cecilia, raised 5 children in Caroline and played a lot of hockey, donating lots of volunteer hours at the local arena.

Frank, wife Bobbi-jo and their daughter have been the owners of the Caroline bottle depot since 2005.

He was Born and raised in Rocky Mountain House and worked in the construction industry building homes and commercial buildings for many years. In 2005 Frank purchased the Caroline Bottle Depot in Caroline. He found he enjoys owning and operating his own business In a small town setting with old country values.   

In 2022 Walter and Frank moved the business to the east side of Caroline.  Since then, they have been very busy welcoming new and repeat customers to their new location.  We are thrilled to have them as a Village of Caroline Business.  The new address is 4603 – 50th Ave Caroline and their new phone number is 403-722-2236.

These wonderful Business Owners think business is needed in small communities in these changing times. Shopping local keeps our communities strong for our family’s to come.

Their mission is to carry on the tradition of high quality products, great prices and superior quality utility buildings.  With the combined construction experience of 70 years, they can help their customers achieve outstanding outcomes with their projects. 

“At Rooster’s, we think harder to build smarter and as Frankie says, WE got the good wood!”

Ellement Wellness - September
Caroline Chamber of Commerce - Caroline
242 days ago

Ellement Wellness - Congratulations to our September 2022 Caroline Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month recipients, Ellement Wellness.

Ellement is a multipurpose facility where fitness, wellness and community come together under one roof.  Janelle is a small-town girl, outdoor adventurer, mom, wife, teacher, and motivator.  A teacher at heart, she wanted to share her true passion, fitness, and wellness with her Caroline community.  Janelle took the Exercise and Theory of Fitness Training through AFLCA so she could offer group fitness options to our small rural area. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2019.   At the same time, her friend Denelle (a mother, wife, and RN) voiced her interest in providing exercise as well.  Denelle shared Janelle’s excitement about changing those outcomes within our community by teaching and motivating people to feel their best through regular exercise and lifestyle changes, and Ellement was founded in 2019.
Since its inception, Rhonda, Heidi, Helen, and Penny have joined the Ellement Team.  Their mission is to provide life-changing wellness opportunities for all ages in a safe and supportive environment, and ultimately promote wellness, prevent illness, and empower you to create a quality life for you and your family.  They offer yoga, fitness retreats, dryland training, kayaking & hiking endeavors, massage therapy, and fitness classes for all ages.  If you are interested in participating give them a call at 403-505-2928 or email them at  It is so wonderful to have this offered to our Caroline family.  Good job ladies!
Alhambra Vacuum - August
Caroline Chamber of Commerce - Caroline
283 days ago
 Tim and Jeanette Plante purchased Alhambra Vacuum in February 2019. They both have a passion for business, and this is evident through their application and dedication to their business and their clients. They are committed to serving their community and pride themselves on providing quality work at a fair and reasonable price. They enjoy living in the country southeast of Rocky Mountain House. They are active in their community as Tim volunteers on the Fire Department and Clearwater County committees and Jeanette regularly volunteers at the girl's school. Caroline and area residents are fortunate to have such dedicated and friendly business owners in our area. Congratulations!
Alhambra Vacuum offers the following services:
• Septic Tank Pump-Outs: Generally, they recommend customers have their septic tanks pumped out every 2-3 years, this may vary though depending on factors such as the number of people living in a household, size of your septic tanks, and also your water consumption and field or lagoon capacity.
• Mobile Steam - Help thaw your frozen plumbing and get your water flowing again. They have a mole tip for the ? hose that feeds its way into piping or lines to get them washed out or thawed out when needed.
• Pressure Washing - available as needed for washing various things around the farm or acreage such as mobile equipment, farm machinery, siding on a home, concrete.
• RV Pump out service at
• Porta pottys for rent - short- or long-term rentals available with delivery. Service charges will apply.
• Potable water delivery will be available starting this summer!
Currently the Alhambra Vacuum fleet includes: 2 tandem axle vacuum trucks 10m³ capacity, 1 single axle vacuum truck 6m³ capacity, and 2 Steamer/wash units, holds 2 cubes of fresh water.
Tim and Jeanette offer competitive and fair pricing to oilfield, residential, commercial, and farm customers. Now accepting debit and credit cards at point of sale. Payment methods also include Cash, E-Transfer, or after service we will accept Credit card payment or cheque (please reference Invoice Number).
Birdman's Wood N’ Stuff - July
Caroline Chamber of Commerce - Caroline
311 days ago
The July 2022 Caroline chamber business of the month has been awarded to Birdman's Wood N’ Stuff.
After retiring from the oil field industry Sam Clark started Birdman's Wood N’ Stuff. In 2014 Sam opened his first store in Caroline. He quickly became quite popular with his unique bird houses. In 2017 Sam purchased the building where he is located today. He continues to sell his famous birdhouses and much more. Sam is shocked at how big his business has grown. People from all over make a special trip just to come visit the store. Caroline is very blessed to have such a wonderful talented artist in our community. Congratulations Sam
Ram River Tours - June
Caroline Chamber of Commerce - Caroline
348 days ago

The June 2022 Caroline Chamber Business of the month has been awarded to Ram River Tours.   We wish to thank the Caroline Chamber of Commerce for the recognition of Business of the Month. 


Our Outfitting business began in 1988 when a deal was struck with Janet Trimble and Trimble Outfitters. Roy and Janet established their business in 1965 and became famous in the Sheep hunting world. Roy became ill with Lou  Gherrig disease and eventually left us way too young. Janet carried on, did a very great job that we continued. 


In 1994 we struck another deal with Don Sands and Charlie Miller who had taken over the Sammy Sands Outfit. They operated just north of us in the Whiterabbit unit. They were good neighbors and also had a great reputation in the Sheep hunting world. 


With the Sammy Sands Outfit not only came the sheep hunting but also a Trail Riding business in a Class 1 area.  We no longer take Sheep hunters; however, Sharmane believes in supporting our youth.  She keeps very busy at our North Ram Basecamp from Spring  through Fall accommodating riders, Kid Camps and sharing our cabins year round, with guests from everywhere. Our goal is to provide a western outfitter style experience enjoying the cozy wood stove and campfire cooking.  Some of the trails we ride have been around for a very long time.  


David Thompson, in his search for the Northwest Passage explored and travelled up the North Ram Valley in about 1705 in search of an easy route through the Rockies to the Pacific. Well it was a failure however he created some very interesting history that we continue to share. 


We have a great Crew, a great string of horses and the Western Heritage will live on.  Sharmane  continues to raise a very popular line of  Australian Shepard stock dogs and also enjoys sharing her great voice singing at many weddings and funerals throughout the year.  Lorne is very busy working with government and the University working on cougar research projects and taking hunters in the winter. He also keeps active on many committees helping to keep our West Country healthy and an awesome tourist destination.

Daughters Lyndsay, Amy and Josey all remain very active in helping keeping this western way of life alive and healthy.


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